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CAUTION — Deconstruction Under Construction — CAUTION

December 6, 2009

I'm not burying a body. I'm rewriting, it's labor.

What can I say?  She brought a cake. I love cake.

I’m trying to milk the venom outta this sidewinder. That sounds kinda dirty/sexy but ain’t. Though I can’t promise I won’t use it again in a different context later.

Letterman eons ago had a Top Ten list of phrases that sound dirty but really aren’t. Things like, Quarter Pounder at the Golden Arches and Frosting the Pastry and Wind-surfing on Mt. Baldy.  Still kinda works for me.

Anywho. The venom. The Black Mamba. Budd makes margaritas. Must watch Bill being Killed again.

Right after I re-edit this prickly hatchet job I composed to bite Anne B in the face. We virtually talked. I think we both realize that criticism is constructive and we both understand that you have to be able to take some in order to give some.

But deep in the recessed breakfast nook of his black pseudo-soul, a piece of LOM believes in enjoying  life without causing unnecessary harm or insult.  The Oracle once told me she hated giving bad news to good people then gave me a cookie.  Anne B is good people . . and maybe also The Oracle!

And besides, I may need more cake or sandwiches, room service sucks in this place.

Sorry for the delay, back later.

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