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I’ve got nothing Roger.

December 10, 2009
Big Brother is watching. And he has been watching LOM too.
I got a knock on the door here at 437 last night, thought it was the turn-down service with some mints. How wrong I was. It was a suit and three lawyers representing the interests of the Corporo-Fascists fine executives at Disney and they had not a piece of chocolate between them.
I was informed that the caricature of Pooh (in the previous post) was in violation of some 42 different copywrite laws. I responded that the photo was not even mine, I just posted it for the absurd goodness of it. They did not smile. I was further informed that this was considered a defamation of the character’s well-cultivated, and legally protected, wholesome family-friendly image. I winced. Then I was told impressionable children, and perhaps immature adults, might decide that pimping and prostitution were fun, cuddly avenues of employment and we good Americans would not want to encourage such thoughts. I nodded. I offered to remove the offending jpeg but they then admitted they did think it was funny; all would be forgiven if I attached this photo to show the impressionable kiddies, and some immature adults, that no one in the Hundred Acre Wood had resorted to turning tricks for honey.

Look kids! no animated characters were ever forced to do anything they did not consent to. Stay in school.

Now I hate to break it to you but that interruption last night prevented me from completing my homage to one Mrs. Jane Siegel Sterling among other things. I’m not an experienced writer, I only jumped in to protect the honor of Ms. Farrell really. So now I am committed and I’m learning as I go.
Writing is comparable I think to a former profession of mine, bartending. There is a twisted analogy here. A good post is like a carefully mixed cocktail in that you should start with fairly fresh ingredients, have an accurately measured proportion of each and you should take the time to shake and chill well before serving. Old habits die hard for me I guess. And besides, the Man keeps banging on my door. Here’s a little something to illustrate my point.


Who doesn’t like synchronized male showboating? But don’t be spilling my goddamn drink pal!

Thanks for your patience, please keep dropping by. Things will get better around here. I sort of promise.
Remember a wise man once sang, the waiting is the hardest part. The old guy on guitar isn’t bad either. Enjoy.



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  1. gypsy howell permalink
    December 12, 2009 9:19 am

    Dear Idiots at Mouseschwitz,

    Maybe you ought to spend more time making decent movies and less time on bullshit like harassing little start-up fan-bloggers of another network’s TV show.

    Or perhaps you’re seething that you can’t come up with a decent show like Mad Men, so instead you’ll harass the fans of the show? Doesn’t exactly warm my heart to Pooh.


  2. December 12, 2009 12:16 pm

    gypsy- it’s a small little place, I know, and just learning to run here, but you are already elected to the Suite 437 Commenter Hall of Fame. I’ll get someone working on T-shirts maybe or a plaque, how about that?


  3. December 12, 2009 12:20 pm


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