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What Would Dr. Drew Baird Drink?

December 13, 2009

Hey, we’re toasting the successful but difficult delivery of a past-due post, a post that whispers a few words of love to the forever fatally frustrated JFK voter, one Jane Siegel Sterling.  Take heart Jane, if you can make it to 1992, you can support a slick Arkansas version of him, with extra added Hope.

 The Sidecar, a classic cocktail originated sometime around the end of World War I, is credited as being first mixed at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for an American Army Captain who would scoot on over to the hotel in a motorcycle, with a sidecar naturally.  I think overall though, more drinks are named for hardware items than modes of transportation.

You need two parts cognac, one part Cointreau, one part fresh lemon or lime juice. Throw those over ice in a mixing glass, pop on the shaking tin and shake, shake, shake!  Cover a plate with a thin layer of sugar, refined white works just fine; use sugar in the raw for some flair. Wet the rim of a large martini glass by rubbing it with a wedge of lemon.  Turn the glass upside down and spin the rim in the sugar to coat.  Strain that tasty beverage into the sugar-rimmed glass and enjoy.

If you have a quick connection and respond better to visual and aural stimuli, here’s a semi-famous person who knows what she’s doing.

UPDATE: If the title doesn’t make sense, click here.  Take heart, I’ve been informed my sister didn’t get it either. I watch more TV than I like to admit to.

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