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So . . . what was I saying?

March 3, 2010

Is the sky half empty or is the sky half full?

Hello Internets!

Long time, no post. I’m glad to see that the WorldWideWeb managed to survive without me.  Though I admit this fact makes me feel somewhat unloved and nonessential, but I’ll man up and push past those initial emotions and look with doubleplusgood positiveness at the sunrise, . . . or sunset, or whatever that attractive jpeg I’ve pilfered and plastered above is meant to depict.

I appreciate that natural human curiosity would desire an explanation for the absence.  I will make the grand sweeping generalization (I know, I hate those things when others do it, so I’m a blog hypocrite today) that Mankind’s most valuable and vital characteristic is the need to ask “Why?”

The reasons are varied and they seemingly conspired to occur atop each other in order to trigger the bloggy blackout here. Following are some of the causes in no particular order:

  • chronic PC malfunctioning
  • workplace Internet tomfoolery crack-down
  • domestic turmoil
  • time spent planning the romancing, wooing and eventual stalking of Eve Muirhead
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder prolonged by the accurate prognosticating of that damned groundhog (and I guess also the sluggish wobble of the Earth)
  • bad clams
  • depleted motivation
  • frustration due to prehistoric internet connectivity
  • receding hairline due to frustration provoked by prehistoric internet connectivity
  • U.S. Senator for Kentucky prehistoric Jim Bunning
  • profound sadness and depression

I’m trying to shake it all off and walk into the promise of a new Spring with a wry smile on my face and a bounce in my step and all that, but instead I will limp into the near future because I ironically sprained my foot slipping in the snow soon after the Polar Bear post.

Just wanted to get re-acquainted today, let the universe know I’m alive; though I am fairly certain Mr. Draper is correct; the universe is indifferent—and I am fairly cool with that;  if the universe is indifferent I can be fairly confident that it is not trying to kill me.

Mostly sunny.

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