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On the Holiest of Secular Sundays . . .

April 4, 2010

.  .  . is it sacrilegious to go rabbit hunting?  How did cuddly, furry rabbits and painted eggs get all tangled up with torture and resurrection and supernatural whatnot anyway? Well truthfully, these little rodents have a long history of blood lust and violent aggression against humans. Witness below:

Just a  coincidence The Holy Hand Grenade resembles a Cadbury Creme egg? I think not.

Thanks to centuries of culling and selective crossbreeding, lagomorphologists have been able to domesticate the species somewhat thus giving us the bunny of today, a staple of classic cartoons and Easter celebrations worldwide. Note while still occasionally associated with gratuitous displays violence, the wascally wabbit is more provocateur that culprit.

Despite the best efforts of leporine sociologists and scientists, the rogue alpha bunny still does have the attitude and disposition to wreak havoc on modern society. Approach with caution.

I will otherwise refrain from disrespecting and abusing Roman Catholics today, Pope Ratzo is doing a disgustingly fine job of that himself.

So in conclusion, let us pray – prey?  Put your right foot forward, put your left foot out, do the bunny hop! Need I say “Hop”?

Gimme that chocolate egg now or I'll nibble your bum.

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