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Two hours of pushin’ broom

April 12, 2010

I wanted to attach this clip to my racing prognostications of Saturday but didn’t have the time then so it is yours to enjoy today, in this fresh new post, away from the persistent stink of those rotting losers I picked out.

In the interest of full disclosure however, I will sully this thread with the results of my selections so you fine readers don’t have to surf around for actual evidence of my, um. . let’s just call them, wagering inefficiencies. I’d like to note, such unflinching honesty hints at my otherwise fine character, trust me.

The full racing charts are composed after each race by Equibase and the Daily Racing Form and they contain a wealth of data about how the race was run. A handicapper can create a mental image of how the race unfolded by following the chart. It shows where each horse was at each postion call of the race and it documents how far off the lead each horse was. The charts are published with split fraction times, the on-track payouts, and much more. My favorite section is the written short summaries of the travails of the entrants.

For example, in the Blue Grass Stakes, my boy Pleasant Prince finished seventh, thus described as being “outrun three wide, was no factor“.  And Interactif ran fourth netting me not one cent but listen to this, “was in striking distance three wide, moved four wide midway thru the second turn, came six wide into the stretch but had nothing left late.”  That sure sounds a lot better than the “loser ran fourth”. At least it’s much more dramatic to read. Heck, I almost think he can pull it out until I read the “had nothing left” part.

In the Arkansas Derby, Noble’s Promise “broke out at the start, bumped, in tight, raced inside, steadied late in the first turn, within striking distance in the stretch, lugged in a bit, came up empty late.”  Finished fifth, but with all that hassle and adversity I may forgive him, when I sober up. And poor Northern Giant, mighty destroyer of net worth, well, he may still be out there running, (using the term “running” loosely), if he wasn’t so lazy; his chart line reads “gave way in the drive while also turning in an uninspired effort”— lacking in fortitude as well as enthusiasm.  I feel ya pal, sounds like me most Mondays in the Cube.

Here’s some appropriate signing out music considering my impending domicile status. Make room Roger.

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