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Every breath you take

August 12, 2010

Change is inevitable. Time marches on. The hotel bill comes due.

So the van is here. I’m moving the blog over to this place. Please, I implore you to follow me there.

Whoopsie-daisy!  That’s not the link I wanted. (That is however the current residence of a few of the weaker links in the writing staff  I had to lay off this past month. Law of the Jungle — Downsizing effects all primates. I’m pretty sure Darwin said this.) Apologies my dears; I can’t seem to get anything right tonight.

Here’s a picture of the new workspace. The steno pool is somewhat ambivalent about the new digs. I do have a feeling one person may have a brighter future with the blog though.

These girls need to remember — Attitude is everything. I’m pretty sure Darwin did not say this.  But I do know some well-meaning yet banal Inspirational Christian blogger said this. And I do know some 20K a speech (!?!!) Dynamic Life Coach (!!??!) wrote this. And I also know some multi-billion dollar oil/energy engineering and construction corporation printed this on the cover of their 2006 annual report.   Attitude is Everything — since 1841.  Those gooey pelicans and internally lubricated crustaceans just need to change their sorry attitudes, doncha know. Your time is valuable, take a cookie.

Anyway, moving sucks. My attitude sucks. And I wanted to share it with the world.

A friend sent this to me today. It did not help my attitude one bit, but it made me grin. Some unvarnished truth from a Master, please enjoy!

 PS — I’m not really moving the blog but I am really moving. And (can you tell?)  it sucks.

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