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Are we clear? — Crystal.

September 1, 2010

This is just a quick addendum to my stupid diatribe posted below. I have belatedly realized that anyone linking in from some other comment I have posted, or will post in the future, elsewhere could get the wrong impression and maybe take that general slam personally. Without seeing the specifics, I realize now some confusion could occur. However I don’t want to designate the specific post on the specific blog that got my dander up because 1) I already tried to make my point to the author in the appropriate comment thread, (though with not much mutual understanding), and 2) I probably wouldn’t have the time to follow-up properly if I chose to more publicly air my issues with the author, and that I think would be unfair.

So here is a brief general summary in the interest of some clarity so readers don’t have to wonder, “was he digging at me?”

My original points of contention were regarding vague assertions theorizing about the intended purposes of the writers for introducing a certain element into The Chrysanthemum and The Sword and the incorrect use of a specific term to mischaracterize a film that was referenced in the post.  If you read the thread you know what’s what; if you haven’t, then I hope this is enough information to at least partially designate the particular stupidity that drew my attention. All and any other stupidity gets a pass from me this week at this blog. Thanks.

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