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Em-eye-see Kay-eee-why Em-ooh-ewe-ess-ee!

September 29, 2010

Sing it out Mouseketeers!  –  “Who’s the savior of the Men whom work at SCDP?”

Would anyone like to discuss how SCDP lands the Walt Disney World account thereby saving their little tobacco-less ad agency?

I tried to get into this discussion at The Basket but my comment has yet to post up there (why is this??) and I’m almost out of Internet time today so I’ll run it up the flagpole here and see who salutes it.

If you’re watching Mad Men more thoroughly this season than I am, (and this easily qualifies just about all the viewing audience) then I ask you to evaluate my proposition and give me some feedback. Spoil as much as you like and tell me who you could see cast as the Big D himself. I’ll try to update and add other brain droppings if I can.

I think hullaballoo @ #7 figured it out, but only gets within 2200 miles or so of the answer by mentioning Disney as per a SCDP shift to CA — because Walt Disney World is about to be “discovered” in Orlando right about this time frame. The news that the Mickey Mafia had bought almost everything in the area is broken by the Orlando Sentinel on October 20, 1965.

They wouldn’t necessarily be big enough just then to immediately make up for Lucky Strike but the future would be juicy- ($$$!)- for an ad firm willing to shamelessly dredge the public’s sentimentality for their own Memories and build upward on their hopeful promises of Tomorrow. Perfect milieu for Don and Peggy.

Call Make-Up!! I got a Two-for-One deal!! Chelcie Ross would be a decent Uncle Walt with just a few enhancements I think.

Also, also, also:  Any advanced psych readers want to comment on whether Roger is capable of jumping off the roof of the Time-Life Building? Is a seasoned hedonist/narcissist type like Mr. Sterling capable of suicide? Does it happen often and suddenly? I think Roger’s going out a window, maybe even if it’s just a last ditch attempt to get his memoir published.

UPDATE:  Harry has to have schmoozed a mensch or two connected with this.

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  1. Anonymouse permalink
    September 30, 2010 4:09 pm

    SPOILER — You obviously saw this – (no one click the link unless you WANT spoilers for Mad Men) , look at your comment again.

    meaning, you “intentionally” violated that sites’ spoiler policy.
    That’s a jerk thing to do, IMO.

    Your not welcome,

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