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NostraLOMus redux: I see a red door . . .

October 15, 2010

Now that Roger is dead [editor’s note: Roger is NOT dead, didn’t you watch last week?] and buried, and Bertram has flown the coop, with his wingtips even, let us sift the sands of Time (and Life Building) and see what Tomorrowland will bring.

It doesn’t look good for Bert. His Blankenship has set sail and his FrankenDraper has trashed the laboratory and this proves to be too much for the stocking-footed One. Bert is found hanging dead in the closet of his bedroom suite. Detectives find a well-thumbed copy of The Fountainhead open at his feet along with, somewhat strangely, more than few glossy photographs of Hereford steers. There is no suicide note, thus the authorities initially suspect Randian inspired auto-erotic asphyxiation gone objectively wrong, but the coroner, one Dr. Lyle Evans, asserts, then the autopsy proves, this to be highly unlikely.

After another partner’s funeral [ed: once again– Roger is NOT dead], Don meets with the American Cancer Society and learns he comes highly recommended by board member Conrad Hilton. He again meets his Season Three father figure and Connie asks him what he wants. Don responds “I’d just like to be your friend”. Connie says “Right answer this time Don. Let me introduce you to the company you’ll be keeping.” Of course a multi-million dollar corporate overlord knows many more multi-million dollar corporate overlords and this eventually leads us to Uncle Walt Disney who asks in an excited yet sonorous rasp, “Don Draper, you’ve just publicly “quit tobacco”, alienated your partners and perhaps hastened the demise of your business. What are you going to do now?” And of course Don responds “I’m going to Disneyland!”

So an SCDP [ed: S is still alive fer crissakes!] business trip is planned. Harry wants to lead the caravan of course but Don bumps him for Peggy (she gets her first plane ride! Yea! which goes smoothly enough after a turbulent take-off caused by the plane intersecting rather messily on its climb with a flock of ducks) and asks Pete to be his wingman again, promising not to go jet-setting this time though. To be extra certain of this, Don brings the kids along and of course needs Megan for both professional (secretarial and nanny services) and personal (sexual and nanny services) support. Draper meets the Mouse’s Big Cheese and learns Uncle Walt is looking for a visionary, maverick consultant for the advertising and marketing of the soon to be Disney World Florida. Tomorrow starts to finally look good for our favorite capitalist pimps. Though the whole enchilada almost gets blown up when Sally causes a ruckus in The Land of Enchantment by swearing at and dumping a soda on Cinderella.  As security escorts her to the administrative offices to find her father, Bobby says he’s always liked princesses.

All this future good fortune, yet the current reality of the two recently deceased partners [ed: I’m telling you, ROGER IS NOT DEAD you moron!] means Draper Pryce Campbell has to merge with Gleason Chaough to form a company called, get this,  – Ad Men.

The Season ends with a nighttime shot of a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of the former Francis nee Draper house in Ossining. The camera pulls back to eventually include the front porch where we see a leather jacketed Glen Bishop sloppily but quietly painting the red door black. The camera keeps pulling up and away as the song “A Groovy Kind of Love” by The Mindbenders begins to play.


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