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November 26, 2010

Ahoy denizens of the InterWeb and all the ships at sea.

I had intended to post an autopsy of NostraLOMus’ stillborn Mad Men predictions but I’ve lost interest, maybe I’ll come back to it when the S4 DVD is released. Roger Sterling lives on though and that’s probably more entertaining anyway.

I have my excuses for the poor showing. I think there’s a tendency among MM viewers, myself included at times, to over-read a motif and stretch it into a foreshadow. Also I’m personally always on the look-out for different, bold, brutally honest depictions of the Suicidal. I was pulling for that story — [I’d like to see someone like Weiner take this on at length in a main TV character. The first season of The Sopranos, for a time, looked to be taking Tony in this direction but then they grew to engage his sociopathy instead. Of course there’s more story to tell there, more story to write if your guy remains breathing. But if they pick an end date for Mad Men, it would be compelling, to me at least, to watch Don truly confront the pointlessness and absurdity of Life. He’s shown some understanding of this already but he now appears to have reconnected with just enough humanity (mm.. mmm.. Megan,and his kids) to distract himself from working all the way through to the cold unavoidable conclusion regarding his existence.]  —  And also as winter approaches, I may have been projecting a bit of my own SAD thought processes. In any event, I over-soaped the non-soap and I was wrong. Viva La Roger!

What to blog of now? I think we may adopt the Death theme ourselves right here. Morbidly funny works for me most times. The Post-Existential Suite? A How -To guide to the winding down of existence. Articles such as “Five Reasons To Wake Up Each Morning” and “Eight Reasons Not To”. Etc.

I’ll chew on some ideas while I gnaw on the cold turkey this weekend, and see where the Muse she leads.

“Eight miles outta Memphis and I got no spare, eight miles straight up downtown somewhere.

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