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The Day the Music Died

December 13, 2010

Ten years ago yesterday, the song was America The Beautiful — then the Supremes took the stage.

Once in a while, when I’m feeling my geo-poli-historical oats (after a few snorts usually), I imagine I can trace a direct thread of the Butterfly Ballot Effect — straight from the Hanging Chad in Broward, out across an ocean of slaughtered hearts and minds, over mountains majesties of burning greenbacks, dropping right down to the Hanging Hussein in Bagdhad.

Then I have another drink, toasting the crumbling Empire, and I thank the FSM for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, for what would the common man do without it.

Har, har, har.

I’m told the 10th anniversary gift is traditionally aluminum, perhaps Justice would be served with the wielding of a fine locally made product. Then again, perhaps not.

The Court was simply just doing that which it had been lovingly hand-crafted by our oligarchic overlords to do after all, — protect power.

And for the record, I do not condone vigilante retribution of any sort. I only metaphorically hint that a metaphorical Louisville Slugger applied to their collective metaphorical skulls would be somewhat satisfying, metaphorically. And it would probably be completely ineffective on the Thomas and Scalia melons anyway.

“For ten years we’ve been on our own, and moss grows fat on a rolling stone”

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