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The Pre-Ex Suite jinx has begun!

December 15, 2010

We’re not Sports Illustrated yet but a blog can hope, right?

Well, time to start a new streak. No lucky win #13 this time around. 

The Penguins were beaten last night in Philadelphia. Click here for the brutal details.

Ooops, wrong brutal detail link.  Here’s the official website with a recap and video. The teams are well-matched this year again, but the Pens took some untimely penalties (no blood though) and Philly got the powerplay winner in the third. We can bounce back tonight at home against the NY Rangers as we get prepared for the outdoor extravaganza on New Year’s Day at Heinz Field.

It’s a long season, not even halfway over yet, and it’s just a single loss; there’s nothing to be embarassed about in that regard. However, it was a loss to those punks from that over-glorified New Jersey suburb though. And it is always still a little humbling to wear the NHL’s Hat of Shame until the next win.

Then again life could be far worse. We could all be Good Actors Gone Wild !!!! and have those extra special issues.

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