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January 14, 2011

It seems that the stars are not where we thought they were — “It’s the axial tilt, stupid!” — and I was recently reminded The Believers believe our check-out time has been moved up — (oh wait! maybe it’s just their check-out time that’s been adjusted)–, so the writers here at The Suite are crafting a multi-purpose, all-encompassing, low-fat, whole-grain, navel-gazing Existentialist Manifesto which I’ll post up as soon as it’s done.  It’s the New Year 2011 after all, so it’ll be packed with a lot of that introspective crap of course and maybe there will be an indication of where this blog is headed in the near future. I’m still working on upgrading our internet connection, but things actually look brighter on that front, so there could be an increase in the number of alcohol-fueled self-indulgent screeds and solipsistic musings appearing here.

Consider yourselves warned!

UPDATE: Hey! help me out here. I’m putting together a list of films I want to watch (either for the first time or again, for the umpteenth one) before The End of Days (that being May 21, 2011: see above link). Films that are either supremely entertaining or consciousness provoking or some combination of the two usually work for me.  The annual introspecting has led me to conclude that I was greatly influenced, as a young one, by the roles Paul Newman played during his career. And I want to see Cool Hand Luke and Judge Roy Bean at least one more time each to understand what I got out of them; what I assimilated from those characters.

So, a question to the readers:  What movie(s) do you really need to watch once more before the cosmic lights go out?


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