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They should have written Roger out the window when they had the chance

March 31, 2011

"I have to learn the names of the people I have to fire. . . Who's this Sterling guy?"

The news coming from the Mad Men universe regarding Season Five: The Meganning! does not sound very encouraging. And I’m just a simple realist. The Fans are Fans. The pessimistic ones are rending garments and thrashing about, wailing at the indignity, cursing the dying of the light. The outrage is networking a protest even as I type; watch for the Faces, listen for the tweets. It’s a Peoples’ revolt I’m being told, just like Egypt, you watch.

I tease bittersweetly. I also would hate to see it go. I would really hate to watch it limp along in some mutilated, zombie shadow of  its former self, which may be AMC’s grand plan. They’ve discovered the Undead draws a significant crowd after all.

I hope to post some more detailed thoughts on this tomorrow.

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