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“I’m a human being, goddamn it. My life has value.”

April 27, 2011

It’s time for The Eleven O’Clock Haiku News from Louisville!

Sieged and suffering,
Misrata loves company.
Drones for Muammar.

“Fraud!”, Don Trumpeted.
O-bomb-a’s Khan job? Birthed on
Ceti Alpha V

Local Sports
Rick hires Rich again –
To pass the crown? Just win one
ere you abdicate.

Local Weather

Rain – insane amounts!
Glub, glub. Gurgle. Growing gills!
I’m deluge-inal.

Thanks for tuning in —

The Haiku News, where,
In seventeen syllables,
We give u the World!

Kentucky Derby in 11 days!
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  1. Jahn Ghalt permalink
    March 1, 2012 4:47 pm

    you seem to like racing – are you watching Luck on HBO?

    • March 6, 2012 2:23 pm

      The blog’s been on hiatus, sorry for the late response.

      First, I’m sure you get something like this all the time but . . .

      I asked the Greeks, Who is Jahn Ghalt? Everyone looked confused. No one answered. Atlas just shrugged.

      My apologies.

      With that past us – Yes, you are correct. I like racing (I’ve spent significant time as a railbird) and I should be watching Luck but mainstream media issues have prevented me from doing so. HBO GO (?) isn’t an option until later this month, right about the time Mad Men S5: The Maddening begins. I can’t wait. (You neither I suppose; I recognize your handle from The Basket.)

      I’ve liked just about all things Milch (and Mann) so I read Sepinwall’s recaps over at Hitflix. What do you think of the show? Have you commented over there? It sounds like Nick Nolte’s been practicing for this role his whole career.

      Feel free to expound, and contrary to what seems like the entire rest of the internet, I don’t mind SPOILERS.

      • Jahn Ghalt permalink
        April 11, 2012 1:55 pm

        Doubleplusgood for you that you caught the AS reference. And no, I get no responses to my handle.

        ( I wonder, would I recognize Winston Smith as a “1984” reference?)

        I save my comments for MM on the Lipp’s blog – though the Sepinwall site seems to attract some worthies as well.

        I find most movies and television to be tiresome – but Luck got my attention as well worth my time. Nolte is doing fine with the role. He’s actually part of a fine cast. His delivery is so gutteral that I turn on the closed captions.

        Here’s something you might find funny – I once worked for a company with “Peak” in its company name. Their glossy newsletter (bound, 20-30 pages) is titled “NEWSPEAK”. Get it? NEWS about PEAK?

        I quizzed about a dozen folks in the company about the title – only one noted the 1984 reference.

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