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Mad Men returns! Hey! What’s in a name?

March 27, 2012

The fifth season of Mad Men kicked off this past Sunday. A few quick thoughts on how it ended:

I find it very interesting that in the work week beginning June 6, 1966, a new receptionist named Meredith oversees a SCDP lobby teeming with African-American job seekers. Need I ask this? Are the Mad Men writers this good? (Of course they are.)

Anyway, a SCDP lobby full of black job applicants was exciting because of the possiblities. Maybe we get a new, darker face in the secretarial pool because of the white guys’ fraternity pranks.

If they publicly advertised that they are an equal opportunity employer, the dynamics of public relations may require them to walk the walk, at least tokenly (need I say pun intended). Unlike today for the most part, the press may actually feel it’s their responsibility to follow up on such an issue. And the agency may find Equal Opportunity isn’t as easy to fake as the phantom second floor was. There could be a threat of negative publicity. The guys might decide the agency has to live up to that gag advertisement to some degree. And that would be a wonderful thing.

Yes,  racial justice might just get its foot in the door at SCDP. Let’s just hope the John Deere does not return.

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  1. Jahn Ghalt permalink
    April 12, 2012 3:24 pm


    Yesterday, you posted several times on BoK “Fear Itself”, so I suspect you witnessed Anne B bludgeoning CCA with the Comment Policy, finishing:

    “You are on notice”

    Deborah backed her up saying she would delete “specific phrases that are button-pushers”.

    I am puzzled about this – but also a coward – so rather than pushing Ms. Lipp’s buttons again, I ask you:

    What did CCA say that pushed buttons?

    (plus – if anyone ever was, CCA is a big boy, who needs no help from me)

    • April 13, 2012 2:38 pm

      I was kinda following that most of the day.

      Ruefully, I admit I must have missed the specific push-button phrases or they were deleted before I could find them, if they were there at all.

      The discourse involved the legalities that hampered the prosecution from filing Zimmerman arrest charges. CCA was laying out his case like a lawyer. That seems to be his M.O. He seemed to have a good grasp of the technicalities of the thing. But as often occurs on the internet, I think it was Tone that was the main factor of abrasion. I didn’t see anything written to bring out the usual blogger yellow card or worse, so to speak, but his tone was borderline insufferable, even by my generally loose standards. I stayed out of it. Deborah, Anne and CCA were all pretty entrenched and then I think, on the actual topic, all three started talking past each other.

      It was fun to lurk at for a while, but I’m easy to amuse.

      • Jahn Ghalt permalink
        April 13, 2012 3:13 pm

        BoK is just too much fun. Anne B’s warning seemed to come from Left Field – a big surprise and troubling, since CCA one of my favorite regulars there. But all seems better now.

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