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who is Less of Me?

What do you need to know about Less Of Me?

First, I am not Dick Whitman, nor Don Draper. (But I mostly understand where he’s coming from.)

I’m 75% Epicurean, 19% Hedonist and ~5% Satyr (primarily due to the cloven hooves).  I’m a recovered Catholic, living now as a radical atheist, in Douglas Adams’ sense and use of the term. I have little need for religion but I do consider golfing to be a religious experience.

I’ll usually discuss just about anything with anybody at least once if the topic is interesting and you LOL at all my jokes of course.

I am a moral pluralist and a humanist. I am a caffeine addict and a coffee snob. I don’t understand why humans seem to need pets. I’ll bet against the sun coming up tomorrow if I can get fair odds. I was once told my favorite color should be red but I’m most comfortable wearing blue.

I was born in the Steel country of western PA (say it like the Fonz—“pee aaaaaaay”).

I lurk around a number of different blogs but only comment in a few, for now, (that’s a veiled threat to those I like but have not humor trolled yet).

Forget presidential candidates as decent drinking buds!  The person I would most like to have a beer with is “the Most Interesting Man in the World”.

I feel that geese taunt and stalk me!??! But I don’t understand because I feel I’ve only shown them deference and respect. I bat right; throw right. I try to be reasonable and rational most days.

Due to turning my back on scholastic life many moons ago, most of my knowledge is assimilated from pop culture. So if I post a truly erroneous whatnot let me know so I can fix it. That’s the way Pop would have wanted it. . . . It ain’t the way I wanted it. But I can handle things!  I’m smart! Not like everybody says . . . like  dumb . . . I’m smart and I want respect.

Converse off the record?  dtlessofme at gmail dot com

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