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Yes, seriously. Why?

Well, I got all jazzed-up commenting in other blogs about the television show Mad Men last year. It was great fun for most of S3, but toward the end I started to become anxious, probably because the fresh weekly dose of excellent entertainment was coming to a close. I’m somewhat of a hermit; Mad Men on Sundays and the ensuing cyber-conversations gave me some extra motivation to trudge through the work week. The anxiety of the inevitable end though evolved into frustration and bit by bit I began to notice little things annoying me. The threads drifted off the topics I found interesting; silly arguments began over personal preferences; commenting policies stifled my acerbic tongue. My acerbic tongue does not like stifling.

In short, I discovered I wanted to type about what I wanted to type about, when I wanted to type about it.

So when Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce jettisoned to The Pierre, I saw the opportunity to set up shop in The Pre-Existential Suite, fictionally right next door. Considering the emphasis of Don’s internal struggle and the fact I worked for Hilton Hotels for nearly a decade, I just could not resist the wordplay involved in manufacturing that name. Doubleplusgood also were the facts that the duly elected minions of our corporate overlords at the time were bandying about the term “pre-existing condition” in their little farce of a healthcare reform debate and I have such a non-covered condition. It was creative kismet.


This is why. The blog exists for me to write about my existence as I filter much of it through my current favorite television program. And vice versa sometimes. For the most part. That’s why you’ll probably find more here about Bert Cooper than Kierkegaard, and lots more about Suzanne Farrell than Thomas Aquinas. It is what it is. How very 21st century American, huh?

Cogito ergo spectatio iracundio homo sapiens.

Oh yeah, I forgot the good news. For MMS4, The Pre-Existential Suite was lucky enough to sublet a few offices from SCDP on the second floor of their contemporary new work space in the Time-Life Building.  How perfect is that?  However, we’re sorry; we can’t show you the second floor, but trust me, we’ll  stay close to all the Mad Men action.

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